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Made In India iPhone XR, iPhone XS Might Hit Stores Soon

One of the major hindrances behind Apple’s success in India is the amount of premium or taxes that a user has to pay to buy Apple devices. Generally, the pricing of iPhones in India is around 1.5 times higher to that of the pricing in the US. Well, Apple has initiated the process of manufacturing iPhone XR and iPhone XS in India. This could help the Cupertino tech giant to reduce the prices of iPhones in India.

So here’s everything you need to know about the manufacturing of the latest generation iPhones in India.

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Made In India iPhones To Hit The Market Next  Month

Apple’s local unit Foxconn has started manufacturing iPhones XR and iPhone XS in India. According to a reliable source, some verifications process and approvals are pending. These made in India iPhones will be available in markets by next month.

It is worth noting that, Apple pays a heavy amount of tax to import iPhones in India. This, in turn, forces the company to increase the prices of their products. Consequently, manufacturing iPhones in India will help the company to offer a significant reduction in the pricing of its products.

In addition to making iPhones for the Indian market, Apple has plans to export Made In India iPhone XR and iPhone XS to other European markets. The next major reason behind Apple’s sudden interest to manufacture iPhones in India is the intense US-China trade war. In the near future, Apple could face issues while working in China.

Rushabh Doshi, a research director at tech consultancy Canalys stated that: “Local production will give Apple the leeway to play with the margins of their distributors and indirectly price their phones lower.”

iPhone XR And iPhone XS: Reduction In Prices

As mentioned above, if iPhones are manufactured in India there could be a significant reduction in prices. We can expect the iPhone XR to be available in 40,000 to 45,000 price bracket after reduction in prices. On the other hand, the iPhone XS might come down to the Rs. 70,000 price territory.

In the past, Apple has manufactured some lower-cost iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7 models in India through Wistron Corp’s local unit in the tech hub of Bengaluru. That said, Apple didn’t offer much price discount for these devices.

So until Apple’s official statement about the pricing of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS is released we can’t confirm anything.

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