OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro FAQs – Your Questions Answered

OnePlus launched the most-awaited smartphones last week in India — OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. Both of these smartphones are feature packed and priced very aggressively.

We know you have got many questions about both new smartphones, it’s not you, thousands of our followers on our Instagram page are asking the same questions. So, we have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions (faqs). Read on for the answers to all those questions. If there’s something we missed, feel free to ask it in the comments at the end of the post.

What is the price and features of OnePlus 7?

OnePlus 7 Price in India and features are listed on this post in details.

What is the price and features of OnePlus 7 Pro?

OnePlus 7 Pro Price in India and features are listed on this post in details.

Difference Between OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro?

The first noticeable difference between both smartphones is the display, OnePlus 7 sports a Flat 6.41-inch Full-HD+ display whereas OnePlus 7 Pro sports a Curved 6.67-inch Quad-HD+ display. The second difference is the camera, OnePlus 7 features a dual camera setup whereas OnePlus 7 Pro features a triple rear camera which includes an extra telephoto camera sensor. The other differences are battery capacity and front camera placement.

Difference Between OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 7?

The first major difference between both smartphones is the processor, OnePlus 6T comes with Snapdragon 845 SoC whereas OnePlus 7 comes with Snapdragon 855 SoC. The second difference is the camera, OnePlus 6T features a primary 16MP Sony IMX519 sensor and a secondary 20MP sensor whereas OnePlus 7 features a primary 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor and a secondary 5MP sensor.

Poco F2 or OnePlus 7?

Poco F2 is not launched yet and it is expected to arrive in Septemeber this year in India. So, if you have time till September then you can wait for Poco F2 launch else go with OnePlus 7.

Huawei P30 Pro or OnePlus 7 Pro?

As we all know, Huawei lost its Android licence and you won’t get Android Q or any other major upgrade in future. So keeping this in mind we will not recommend Huawei P30 Pro. You can go with OnePlus 7 Pro instead of Huawei P30 Pro.

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Asus ROG Phone for Gaming?

Asus ROG Phone definitely has an advantage because of the extra features it provides for gaming like overclocked processor, a better gaming mode and a bunch of gaming accessories. On the other hand, OnePlus comes with the latest Snapdragon 855 SoC and provides even better performance. If you are not a hardcore gamer then OnePlus 7 Pro is a great option.

Is OnePlus 7 better than Vivo V15 Pro?

Yes, OnePlus 7 is far better than Vivo V15 Pro whether it is about looks, performance, camera or battery.

Should I upgrade from OnePlus 6T to OnePlus 7?

No, You should not upgrade as there is not much improved. It is just a minor upgrade of the previous gen.

Face unlock on OnePlus 7 Pro?

Yes, there is face unlock support on OnePlus 7 Pro. The smartphone uses a Pop-up camera to unlock which takes almost 0.5-1 second to open. But OnePlus recommends not to use face unlock as it will decrease the durability of Pop-up mechanism as an average user unlocks his/her smartphone more than 110 times a day.

Is OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro Water-Resistant?

Both smartphones are not IP-certified so they are not water-resistant. But according to OnePlus, both smartphones are dust and water-repellent. OnePlus said that they are not IP-certifying both smartphones in order to reduce the price of smartphones.

Which Colour of OnePlus 7 Pro is More Attractive?

Colour choice totally depends on users preference and taste. However, we liked the Nebula Blue colour option the most.

How long does the Pop-up Camera on OnePlus 7 Pro can survive if used frequently?

The pop-up camera’s mechanism on the smartphone has been tested over 300,000 times, which the company claims that if the camera is used 150 times a day, it will still work for over 5 years.

What if OnePlus 7 Pro falls while Pop-up camera is open?

The Pop-up camera will automatically retract the module in about 0.5 seconds when the phone is falling, using the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

Is there any hope for OnePlus 7T after OnePlus 7 Pro?

As of now, there is no information regarding OnePlus 7T.

Is there any need for 12GB RAM on OnePlus 7 Pro?

No, technically there is no use of 12GB RAM as of now. Ideal RAM is 6GB for any smartphone in the current scenario and 6GB RAM smartphone can run any app or game available on Google Play easily. The use of 8GB RAM will make the smartphone future-proof for the next 2 years so that you never run out of RAM management issue.

Are these DxOMark scores really matter nowadays?

OnePlus 7 Pro scored 111 DxO Mark and puts everyone in question. The answer to this question is mixed that is Yes and No both. Sometimes DxOMark scores matters like in case of Pixel smartphones because it has a single camera and whole DxOMark score is based on that single camera.

On the other hand, a smartphone with a dual rear camera and triple rear camera gets advantage and also gets extra DxO score because of different type of lenses like a telephoto lens and ultra-wide-angle lens.

Also, DxO test camera performance based on a certain type of conditions and factors so one should not fully rely on DxOMark scores.

How is the PUBG performance on OnePlus 7 Pro?

We also played PUBG Mobile on OnePlus 7 Pro. PUBG ran smoothly at HDR graphics and Ultra frame rate. The performance was excellent and the gameplay was great. We played the game for about one hour and the device handled the game smoothly without any lag. In about one hour of gameplay, the battery only drained 21% which is great at QHD+ display resolution and 90Hz display refresh rate.

Benchmarks scores of OnePlus 7 Pro?

Many users asked benchmarks score of Snapdragon 855 which is present on OnePlus 7 Pro.

In the AnTuTu benchmark test, it scored 363,567. In Geekbench, it scored 3,398 in single core and scored 10,946 in multi-core.

Is there any fast charging in OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro?

Both smartphones support Warp fast charging. However, the regular OnePlus supports only 20W fast charging whereas the OnePlus 7 Pro supports 30W fast charging. You do get respective fast chargers inside the retail box.

Is there 3.5mm headphone jack present on OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 Pro?

No, both smartphones don’t come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. In order to use your old 3.5mm headphones, you have to purchase a 3.5mm headphone jack dongle separately because this time OnePlus has not provided any dongle with the retail box of OnePlus 7 Pro.

Is there Widevine L1 support on the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro?

Yes, both smartphones support Widevine L1 which means you can stream HD content on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Is Camera2 API supported on OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro?

Yes, Camera2 API is supported out of the box on both smartphones and you can install Google camera.

OnePlus 7 Pro is available on Flipkart or Amazon?

The OnePlus 7 pro is available only on Amazon.in in an open sale.

Why is OnePlus 7 is not available on Amazon?

At the launch event, OnePlus said the OnePlus 7 will be available for purchase in June and the exact sale date was not revealed. However, it is expected to go on sale from June 4.

Is OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro Worth Buying?

If your budget is around 30-35K then the OnePlus 7 is worth buying as of now. If your budget is around 45-50k or above then OnePlus 7 Pro is great and definitely worth buying. However, we are still testing this device and our flash review of both devices will be out soon on our Instagram Page.

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