Samsung Galaxy A50, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A10 FAQs – Your Questions Answered

Samsung recently updated its Galaxy A series of smartphones in India. Galaxy A series includes Galaxy A50, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A10. All three smartphones come under budget and mid-range price segment which is the most competitive price segment in India.

We know you have got many questions about new Galaxy A series smartphones, it’s not you thousands of our followers on Instagram page are asking the same questions. So, we have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions (faqs). Read on for the answers to all those questions. If there’s something we missed, feel free to ask it in the comments at the end of the post.

Is Galaxy A50, A30 and A10 Worth Buying?

All Galaxy A series smartphones launched in India last week and it is quite early to give judgement on the devices. Our Flash Review of all devices is still in process. So stay tuned to our Instagram page we will update once the Flash Review is out.

Our flash review will give you a better idea about the smartphone that it is worth or not.

What is the price and features of Galaxy A10?

Galaxy A10 Price in India and features are listed on this post in details.

What is the price and features of Galaxy A30?

Galaxy A10 Price in India and features are listed on this post in details.

What is the price and features of Galaxy A50?

Galaxy A10 Price in India and features are listed on this post in details.

What is so special in Galaxy A30?

Galaxy A30 sports a Super AMOLED display which is great at this price point. It also comes with USB Type-C port, a massive 4000 mAh battery and a great 3D glasstic design.

Currently using Galaxy A7 (2018), should I upgrade to A50?

No, we don’t feel that you should upgrade from Galaxy A7 (2018) to Galaxy A50. As Galaxy A50 doesn’t offer you much in comparison with Galaxy A7 (2018) whether it is about design, performance or the camera.

Is Galaxy A series best in 20k range?

No, Galaxy A series is not best in 20k but it can be one of the choices in the 20k price segment. As of now, Poco F1 is currently the best smartphone in 20k price range.

Read Poco F1 Flash Review

Is Galaxy A series smartphone waterproof?

No, all three Galaxy A series smartphones are not waterproof and does not come with any type of IP rating.

How good is Exynos 7904 processor compared to Snapdragon 660 or Snapdragon 675?

Exynos 7904 processor can be directly compared with the Snapdragon 636 processor. The performance from Exynos 7904 is optimal for daily usage but it struggles in heavy tasks like heavy gaming or heavy multitasking.

In all three smartphones, only Galaxy A30 comes with Exynos 7904 processor.

Galaxy A-series or Galaxy M-series?

Galaxy A series and Galaxy M series are both distributed from 8k to 20k price segment. It depends on the user’s preference, choice and budget.

What PaidFreeDroid thinks about new Galaxy A series?

We think finally Samsung has some good smartphones in the budget and mid-range segment but they are still way behind the competitors. This is Samsung’s trial in this segment and they are already succeeding in it. If they continue to bring better smartphones in this segment, one day Samsung can lead and also overtake companies like Xiaomi. But this will take time and time will tell us how Samsung manages this segment in future.

How is the PUBG performance on Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50?

We are still testing the devices and we did play some heavy games like PUBG Mobile.

On Galaxy A30, PUBG ran smoothly at low graphics. When we switched the graphics to Medium, we saw minor frame drops and few lags but the gameplay was decent.

On Galaxy A50, PUBG ran smoothly at medium graphics. The performance was good and the gameplay was great. We played the game for 30 minutes and the device handled the game smoothly without any lag.

Galaxy A50 or Poco F1?

If you want a great smartphone which ticks all the aspect of smartphone then Poco F1 is the best option to opt for. We are still testing Galaxy A50 but one thing in which Galaxy A50 beats Poco F1 is design and looks.

Which Snapdragon processor can be compared with Exynos 9610 processor?

Exynos 9610 processor is present on Galaxy A50 and it can be directly compared to Snapdragon 660 processor.

Which one is the best according to us, Galaxy A50, A30 or A10?

According to us, Galaxy A50 is much better than A30 and A10.

Is Exynos processor worth?

Exynos processors are manufactured by Samsung itself and they are designed according to their smartphones.

Samsung Exynos 7 series which include 7884 and lower processor was not good but recently Samsung announced Exynos 7904 processor did outperform all old processors. It is still not the best but it is reliable on Samsung budget smartphones.

On the other hand, the latest Exynos 9610 did perform much better than Exynos 7904. We are really impressed with the performance and optimization of Exynos 9610. But it is quite early to judge the processor, so wait for our flash review.

Which is more worthy Galaxy M30 or Galaxy A30?

We think Galaxy M30 is more worthy as it offers better battery, better camera options and the same processor for 2k lesser price. In real life comparison, we didn’t notice anything extra special on Galaxy A30 except great 3D glasstic design.

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