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What If The Internet Stopped Working?

What if you woke up in the morning, check your phone and internet is not working? Would you start to panic and do all possible things to bring back the internet? Would you be able to survive without checking Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp? With no funny videos on YouTube? With no Google Maps to find your way? With a credit/debit card unable to pay?

You will surely check and result will be unable to connect to the internet.

Dragon No Internet Game
You will definitely love this game if the internet shutdowns.

But what if someday it actually happens and the internet stopped working globally?

We also asked this question on our Instagram page and received some amazing answers from our followers.

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Below are the top things that will happen:

  1. Real life conversation will start with each-others.
  2. The number of phone calls will increase.
  3. We will start using Fax machines again.
  4. We will start making notes by hand.
  5. We will switch back to TVs for entertainment.
  6. Half of humanity will not notice any difference (approx 4 billion people because they never used the internet)
  7. Rest half of humanity will start to panic.
  8. Social media users will start calling each-others on phone.
  9. The extreme number of calls will start overloading telecommunication systems.
  10. Cell phone towers and telephone lines will also shutdown due to overload.
  11. Eventually, people will start writing letters and sending them via post.
  12. As banking services depends on the internet, Online transactions and E-transfers will not be possible.
  13. Credit cards and debits cards will become a useless piece of plastic.
  14. More than 17 million bitcoins mined will be gone forever.
  15. Big Companies who totally depend on the Internet like Google, Facebook & Amazon will go out of business.
  16. More than trillion-dollar losses will be faced by industries across the world.
  17. Crores of people working on Internet companies will be left unemployed.
  18. Developed countries will lose entire industies and will face economic crisis.
  19. Small villages and town which doesn’t depend on the internet will also suffer as international trade depends on the internet.
  20. World’s transportation will be affected too.
  21. All transactions and tracking will be done manually on paper.

So, after reading all the above points, you must be wondering if the internet shutdown is possible or not?

Yes, it is possible but not on a worldwide level. Some countries actually have a ‘Kill Switch’ to intentially shutdown the internet and telephone communcations. But killing the internet is not possible.

The internet is the global network of many other computer network, it doesn’t depend on a single machine. Even if one part of it went offline others would remain functional. So, don’t worry you’ll still able to read our awesome articles like this because we too depend on the internet :P.

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