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Oppo 10x Optical Zoom Camera Technology Showcased At MWC 2019

Story Highlights
  • Oppo showcased world's first 10x optical zoom tech
  • Oppo will launch smartphone in Q2
  • Oppo also announced its 5G smartphone

On Saturday, Oppo showcased 10x lossless zoom technology at an event held in Barcelona. The company will launch a smartphone with the same technology in Q2, 2019. In the event, the company not only showcased the smartphone but also detailed how the new technology works.

The prototype smartphone they showcased at the event has three camera setup which includes a primary camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens that features a periscope-style lens setup. At the same event, the company also talked about its 5G smartphone.

Oppo 10x camera zoom smartphone
A sneak-peek at the upcoming Oppo phone

Oppo 10x Lossless ZoommCamera Technology Details:

The latest 10x optical zoom technology of oppo relies on triple camera setup which mainly solves the problems of multi-focal length and continuous zoom obstacles to lossless zoom. As we know, there is a need for a triple rear camera setup, the first camera includes a 48MP high-resolution sensor, the second camera includes a 16mm 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens and the third camera includes a 160mm focal length telephoto lens.

Check out this official video:

The third camera which comes with the telephoto lens features two ‘D-cut optical lenses’ arranged in a periscopic horizontal layout, which helps in reducing the thickness of the setup. Oppo claims that if there was a traditional upright camera module lens then the entire setup would have been 15mm thick. With the periscope-style ‘D-cut optical lenses’, the thickness is just 6.97mm.

The two ‘D-cut optical lenses’ look like they have been cut parallelly from two circular lenses. These ‘D-cut optical lenses are combined with a prism to reduce the size of the camera module.

Further, the company told that they were able to reduce the size of the whole camera module by 13 percent by using two Autofocus (AF) motors in the same motor. Both main camera and telephoto lens use optical image stabilization (OIS) which helps in reducing shake and blur while capturing 10x zoom photos.

Note that not all manufacturers include the ultra-wide angle camera when calculating the zoom range. If we were to calculate this for Mate 20 Pro, it would give it 5x zoom capabilities, while the Galaxy S10+ would have 4.3x zoom.

Oppo 10x Optical Zoom Camera Technology Rollout:

The company said its new camera technology is already ready with mass-production and will be available in “next smartphone” which will launch in Q2, 2019 (April-June).Oppo 10x camera smartphone q2 launch

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