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Technology advancements: A boon or curse

Technology invasion in our daily life has been now an irreversible truth. It has made everyone dependent for everyday work, be it personal or professional. From as small as bill payments to air ticket booking to banking or shopping online, we do it from the comfort of our home or using just fingertips.

However, with the acceptance of technology also come the unseen threats from cyber criminals. Who are looming large on the connected world to sneak into your computer or device or access the personal data from a corporate database you have used for shopping or banking. Hence, security and privacy yet remains the major concern today to be safe guarded from the snooping eyes. With the evolving technology the cyber threats also has evolved parallel to become more sophisticated and stealthier to track and mitigate in time. This increasing reliance on technology means that individuals must be proactive instead of reactive to protect their privacy.

Considering the technological advancements, National Technology day is observed on 11th May to honor technological innovations and their successful commercialization which makes research and development ideas reach people at large. The future of technology is uncertain. All we can know is that the devices like mobile phones, iPads, etc. will be outdated in the coming days. However new advancements will also bring new security threats.

eScan’s continuous innovation brings to you the state of art technology to provide real time protection against security breakouts. Here are some of the tips to keep yourself cyber safe:

  • Always keep your computer systems and mobile devices updated with latest bug fixes and patches.
  • Ensure to choose strong passwords while logging in to any account. Strong passwords must have minimum eight characters with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Pay attention to privacy settings on the websites that you log in for transactions or leisure
  • Do take the trouble to do a Two-step verification of your email ids or accounts accessed by social media sites.
  • Keep an eye for website address that begins with ‘http.’ They are malicious in nature. Website address with ‘https’ indicate secure connection.
  • Do not save your passwords or bank details online on any of the websites.
  • Always use efficient anti-virus software which provides protection against data breach.

eScan has specially designed security solutions for objectionable content and evolving cyber threats for Small Offices and Homes (SOHO), Enterprises and Corporates. With its powerful, futuristic and innovative technologies, eScan’s range of products ensures multi-layered protection and dynamic security management for seamless continuity.

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Shubham Mishra

Founder and Chief Editor at PaidFreeDroid. Shubham likes to keep on top of the tech world and loves to help people around him who face day to day trouble with technology.

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