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From today (October 26th, 2016), We are starting a new category at PaidFreeDroid that is Tech Questions & Answers. From 2013, we are focusing each and every topic about technology but at some points it is lacking. We think it is important for someone who wants to learn about technology to be able to find accurate information online. Today, that’s a big problem because so many Tech Questions asked online get the wrong answers or out-dated answers. It’s unfortunate, but out-dated information leads to misconceptions about a particular tech topic.

So, From now onwards we will be answering technology related question. This Tech Q&A will be posted every Sunday.

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Below tech questions were asked on Facebook’s XDA OFF-Topic Group. From next time the question will be picked from our social media pages.

Tech Q&A:

[pfdbox title=”Q1) How Google Assistant is different from others?”]

Google Assistant is basically the next generation of Google Now – it does most of the things same plus more. Google Assistant performs all the same tasks as Google Now: web searching, scheduling events and alarms, adjusting the hardware settings on your device and pulling up information from your Google accounts.

Google Assistant offers up information in a more conversational and more accessible format. For example, Google Assistant turns search results into one-sentence answers, and, for a question like “Who is President of India?” presents information in an easy-to-tap card format instead of a linear Google search page. So, next question you can ask like “What is his age?” and it will answer.

Google Assistant also has deeper artificial intelligence than any of the other virtual assistants. Unlike Siri and Cortana, Google Assistant can carry on a two-way conversation with you, learn personal details about you (such as your birthday or your favorite breed of dog) and recall information from previous conversations for context.

Asked By Rider Sam

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q2) Why android is battery hunger os? Also why it need so much of RAM whereas ios & Windows are better & lightweight in term of battery also”]

Yes Android consumes more battery as compared any other mobile OS. Main reason behind more battery consumption is that Android phones uses internet data automatically in background and always synced to internet services. Also most of apps are running in background consumes more battery.

The battery consumption is more because of high-end hardware and features like Quad-HD display, Good Processors, etc. If we compare Android with other OS like iOS. For Example, iPhone 7 Comes with HD Display with 326 PPI only not even Full-HD, so it will consume lesser battery while Google Pixel comes with Full-HD Display with 441 PPI, so this definitely consume more battery.

On the other hand if we talk about RAM, it doesn’t mean higher the ram higher is the performance. The performance of a device is measured by it RAM management which is managed by overall hardware stuff and processors. Apple uses its own processor so it is able to manage the RAM properly while android rely on other brand processor like Qualcomm, MediaTEK, etc. For Example, Combination of Qualcomm Snapdradon 212 with 4GB RAM is of no use because 212 lacks many department like in processors speed, it can increase the speed upto 1.3 GHz only while Combination of Qualcomm Snapdradon 821 with 4GB RAM is almost perfect because 821 bumps the processor speed more than 2 GHz.

Asked By Piyush Sharma

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q3) Is there a need to ‘Eject’ USB drives?”]

Yes, because there is chance of Data Corruption. If you unplug your USB device while data is being written to it – for example, while you’re moving files to it or while you’re saving a file to it – this can result in data corruption. You should ensure that your USB device isn’t in-use before unplugging it.

Asked By Aman Rathod

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q4) Snapdragon 821 or Apple A10?”]

In a benchmark test, the A10 Fusion processor overpowers the Snapdragon 821 but there are still a lot of factors to consider on which one is a better chipset than the other. Overall performance of a phone also depends on its graphics processing unit and battery life amongst others.

In reality, on-paper information are not that important to average users who know less about hardware and software. Which one is better still depends to user-preference considering other factors more visible to the eye – aesthetics, form factor, and price.

Asked By Aman Sachdev

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q5) What will be the situation if apple decides to make its iOS open source just like Google’s android, will it lead to slow killing of android os?”]

Open sourcing iOS itself will not be useful for iOS users and will not be useful for iOS developers.

It will give advantages to potential Apple competitors willing to develop and market a competing product with inferior characteristics but still able to run some (not all) of the iOS applications. It will damage Apple economically. It will very likely damage iOS developers economically.

It’s not going to happen. If it happens It won’t eradicate Android from the face of the planet but it’ll certainly make a huge impact on the way people think about it.

Asked By Bhavin Trivedi

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q6) Google pixel phone is worth to buy?”]

Yes worth buying if it is in your budget because it is one of best android smartphone in the market as of now. It has one of the best camera, you’ll get pure android experience with Google Assistant (exclusive on Pixel Phones only as of now) and fastest OS updates via OTA.

Asked By Santosh Tare

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q7) Do you really think Apple is ‘innovative’ after Steve Jobs’ era?”]

The answer is mixed with Yes and No. At some points the answer is Yes because Steve Jobs was a motivation to Apple. He was creative and intelligent to manage the Apple company. At some point the answer is No because Apple did bring many innovations after Steve Jobs like fingerprint sensors to iPhone.

Asked By Bharath

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q8) Jio related FAQs?”]

For all type of Reliance Jio questions and answers visit here.

Asked By Gaurav Makwana

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q9) Does Google allo really have the capacity to kill WhatsApp?”]

When it comes to instant messaging app, what makes or breaks them is the user base. We only use apps that our friends use and why would you use a messaging app that your friends aren’t using. Nowadays Allo got many users and people are using it and loving it but in long duration if it manages, then yes, it has capacity to kill WhatsApp.

Google Allo certainly brings something unique, which is appreciable but it still lacks some features that people love on WhatsApp. However, if you ask me, none of the features it lacks is a major deal breaker, when you consider it’s just a messaging app. The bottom line is, you will love Google Allo but it all depends on if your friends love it or not.

Asked By Aman Rathod

[/pfdbox] [pfdbox title=”Q10) Why my micromax canvas nitro 3 hasn’t got any single system update?”]

Micromax is targeting those consumers, who want decent smartphones; but don’t have enough budget to spend. In India, there are many such consumers, the reason why Micromax is still successful in our country.

Coming to the updates that is system updates or any other OTA updates requires a few good developers to provide Android updates to your devices and Micromax is not investing on that part. All it needs is downloading the AOSP source from Google, making a few changes here and there, and porting it on your device. Also, unlike Samsung, Micromax doesn’t give much bloatware, which makes it easier to push AOSP on their devices.

They are mainly focused on marketing as once they hired Hugh Jackman for advertising. If in future, they focus on spending money to hire good developers instead of hiring celebrities for advertisements, you will then get System updates. As of now neither nitro 3 will get any update or any other micromax device.

Asked By Aniket Kumar


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