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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Catches Fire on Flight (Not Note 7)

Everyone knows that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled over issues of the device exploding or catching fire. However, this time a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 caught fire while on a Singapore to Chennai Indigo flight in mid-air. The fire occurred at 7.45 am, fortunately the flight crew noticed smoke emanating from an overhead baggage compartment & used a fire extinguisher to control it.

The phone was then transferred into a container which was filled with water & kept in the lavatory. The aircraft landed normally at Chennai airport & all passengers were safe & deplaned normally. A DCGA official has called Samsung officials to discuss the matter. DGCA has also advised airlines to make an announcement on every flight to switch off all Samsung devices. The handset will be further examined to find the root cause of the mishap. Samsung should be really concerned at this point. What on earth is happening to its batteries?

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