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Now, simple USB-C to HDMI cabels

So, if you are a Computer or a smart phone user, then you may know that, there is a big problem between the connection of the same two type of gadgets. That means laptop couldn’t connect with laptop and mobile couldn’t connect with mobile directly. This connection needs, more than one USB or an adapter. But, now this problem is going to be solved because now method of HDMI Alt Mode, which means cable manufacturers can build a connector that plugs directly from the port on your phone, laptop or other device into the HDMI port on a TV or monitor. So, more and more devices have started shipping with USB-C connectors built-in. And this was being announced by the group, who is behind the HDMI and USB.

So, with these specs we will not require any extra adapter to connect with monitor and TV. So, it will be pretty simple with a USB-C port on either side of the device, to whom you want to connect. But, at the same providing this facility to the user, there is a drawback in the process and that is, it only supports the older HDMI1.4b instead of the newer one that is HDMI2.0b.

But, if you see the positive points of this new technology, then you will understand how it is gonna change all the definition of watching 4K videos on your TV, transferring data at higher speed and much more that you have thought of. This specification will provide you all. Hence, this will be a good news for all tech savvy and gadget lovers.

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