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CREO releases ‘PC-Connect’ on Fuel OS for easy File Transfer and Backup

Bangalore based software company CREO, today, announced its September update to its proprietary Android based Operating System – FUEL OS. With the latest update, FUEL OS users can now seamlessly transfer files between their FUEL OS mobile device to their PC / Laptop.

Sai Srinivas, CEO & Co-Founder, CREO said “The smartphone being our most personal device is home to a lot of our files – our clicks, downloaded files, office documents and much more. Moreover, having all of those files ready in minutes in your PC/Desktop makes life so much more convenient, and that is what we are aiming for with the September update. We are introducing Fuel PC-Connect that lets Fuel OS users transfer files effortlessly from their PC to their Fuel OS device and vice versa. With this feature, we’re solving the basic problem of backup and transfer and in the months to come, we’ll add more functionalities to it. We believe this is the next eventual step to a seamless experience over different platforms.”

Things in store for FUEL PC-Connect:

1) File Backup


The Fuel PC-Connect offers an easy File Backup – a one-click desktop suite to backup photos, videos, music and downloads from Fuel OS device Mark 1 onto the desktop. It is a very handy feature for the millennials who love to capture and save their memories in the form of videos and pictures.

2) Quick Push

Users can easily drag and drop files across laptop/desktop and Fuel OS device Mark 1. From photos to music to PDFs to APK files, all media can be easily transferred by an easy drag-drop mechanism, keeping things accessible. This is a feature similar to AirPush in iOS.

3) File Explorer

With File Explorer, users can easily browse files saved on their smartphone/ SD card from their PC. They can be connected to the Laptop / PC over a USB connection or even Wi-Fi.

The users can seamlessly transfer data by using a wired (USB enabled) or wireless (Wi-Fi enabled) connection.

The PC-Connect will support devices running on OS X (Yosemite onwards) and Windows (7 onwards) for both 32 and 64 bit systems.

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