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Want to increase data transfer rate, look for the faster option

If you are a Windows user, then you have noticed that if you transfer your data from one drive to another it goes with a good speed, within your computer. And in few minutes you are able to transfer a huge amount of data from one disk to another. This is an embedded utility provided by Microsoft to its users. But, what happens when you insert any other external device like SSD, hard disk or USB, your speed goes down with a massive rate. And when you start the transfer, your computer takes several minutes to perform the task of copying. However, how will you react if I tell you that, you could copy the data from third-party device through same speed, as that you transfer the data in your PC from one drive to another.

Basically, there are three programs that provide you the functionality of fast data transfer and these are:-

  1. TeraCopy
  2. Ultracopier
  3. FastCopy

So, above are the softwares which provide you the maximum data transfer speed. This is because, all of them are capable of using the OS buffer size to reduce task time when performing operations between different hard disks, as said by Softpedia. And when TeraCopy gets installed this application gets integrated into the context menu of Windows Explorer.

Whereas, if we talk about FastCopy, then it has less intuitive option than the previous two. And if you don’t have any problem that, software configures your settings, then surely this program is made for you. When the program gets installed, it doesn’t access to the context menu directly. For this you have to launch the FastCopy software through Administrator rights, and when going on next step, go to Option->Extension->Shell Extension. This will provide access to the FastCopy. And same goes with the UltraCopier.

So, now when trying to transfer the data from any external source, use these applications to save your time and other sources!

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