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Use your SD card to increase the RAM in your Android device

As we all know that Android is an open source platform where we could perform changes in accordance to our need. So, it’s the brand of alternation. So, if your device is rooted then you are going to learn how to make SD card as your mobile RAM, through this article.

Requirements for this process are:-

  1. Rooted Android device.
  2. Micro SD card which must be of 4 GB or more than that, of class 4 or higher.
  3. Card Reader.
  4. Windows-based computer.

Just follow the following steps:-

(Before following the below steps note that your SD card must be formatted.)

  1. Firstly on your Windows-based computer you must download and install a software named “Mini Tool Partition”. It helps in partitioning of your SD card. Now, use your Card Reader to insert your SD card.
  2. Now you must open the software you have installed, that is Mini Tool Partition and then select your SD card and by right clicking on it click delete for formatting(if not formatted).
  3. And after the formatting process, again right-click on it and select “Create“, it will create partitions in your SD card. Then you have to choose some options like if your card is below 4 GB then select “FAT” and if more than that select “FAT32“.
  4. You may also drag and resize the location of the SD card, but at the bottom of the window there appears a block called “Unallocated Space” in that you must fill 1000(MB) and the rest memory which is located is used in partitioning and then click OK.
  5. Now, you have lest 1000 MB memory unallocated so to locate it, again right-click on it select “Create, select “Primary” as same as above and then going on next option “File System click on “Ext2“, in this step you shouldn’t leave any unallocated space.
  6. Now, all set(editing partition done). Just click on Apply at left top corner of your mini tool wizard window.

Now, it’s time for the Android device:-

  1. Here also in first step you must download and install Link2sd from Google Play Store, on your device.
  2. Now, open the installed application and at first it will ask whether your device is rooted or not, then click on OK. After that, the application will ask you for the file system as  .Ext partition, and you must select “Ext2“, if you had created the unallocated partition using Ext2 in above steps, click OK.
  3. Now, you must prepare the app to take the partitioned space that we have created of 1000 MB, and after it link all of them.

So, now you are all set to use your extended RAM and there is no increment of hardware required just you need is your SD card. And it’s just a process of 10-15 mins. So, now try using it and expand your RAM for further use.

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