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Unlock your smartphone, pattern or password without loosing data:Android

Android, as you listen the name, just a term that will strike in your mind is “the most popular O.S. of the world”. And yes, it is. Google engineers with all their pioneer provide you the best they can, in terms of security and updates. But, imagine if you have forgotten the pattern or the password of your mobile. It’s just the worst nightmare, that anyone could have imagined. So, worry not in this article you may get the method, for unlocking your mobile without losing the data. Following are the steps which you must follow:-

Method 1:- Unlock your phone without losing the data.

  1. Firstly download an app Aroma File Manager. Now, the thing that you require is just a SD card.
  2. After downloading the app, transfer the app into the respective memory card. Now, insert that memory card into the locked Android phone.
  3. Open up the stock recovery mode, which will come through pressing the Power Key button with the Volume up key and Reboot option. As, different mobiles may differ in this method of opening the stock recovery mode, so you may Google it.
  4. Now, you have entered into the stock recovery mode. So, in this mode you have to use Volume up and down key to scroll up and down. And for selection use the middle key.
  5. Now, by reaching there click on “Install Zip from SD card” and set a path for installing the “Aroma File Manager” from SD card.
  6. Now, when it gets installed, then it will be opened in the recovery mode.
  7. Now, through the app explore to settings>>go to bottom and now click on “Automate all devices on start” and now exit from the app.
  8. Now, again repeat the step 5 and 6.
  9. So, again the app will be opened. Now, navigate to Data Folder>>System Folder and search for gesture.key or password.key, for pattern lock or the password lock respectively.
  10. After doing this, delete that one file and then exit aroma file manager and reboot your Android phone. And, after rebooting again you will be shocked that, still your pattern exists on your screen, but don’t worry you may draw any pattern and your mobile will get unlocked. But, remember that pattern or you may note down it.

Method 2:- Unlock your phone, with Factory Settings but you may lose your data.

  1. Firstly switch off your locked Android phone.
  2. Now, start boot your device in the “Recovery Mode” using the Power Key and Volume Up key simultaneously(it may vary with different Android devices).
  3. After performing the above step, opening in Recovery Mode do following:- (a.) Select the option “Factory Data Reset” and click on Yes. (b.) Now, select “Wipe Cache Partition”, that is used for removing the cache data from the memory.
  4.  Now, if you have perform the above steps then again Reboot your Android phone.
  5. All set, now your device will start from the starting position.

So, above are the steps which may help you out when you are in trouble with your Android device. But, it’s a request that don’t misuse the guidance for hacking someone’s device.

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