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Unlock your Chrome OS with a PIN code

Passwords, a hectic term and the numbers which many of us don’t remember most of the time. But, don’t worry because now you may unlock your screen with a small PIN instead of the long and hefty password. This feature is being in testing phase, in the upcoming Chrome OS developer update. This was the news which was revealed, by a Google Employee Francois Beaufort.

The description made by Francois in his Google+ post was:- in it he described how to use the provided service in your system “All you have to do is enable the flag chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin, restart chrome, and go to Chrome Material Design settings page for now to set up your Lock Screen PIN in the new “Screen Lock” section. When it’s done, lock your screen with “search+L” and enjoy the new unlock experience!”

So, if you are using this new functionality, surely it’s gonna help you in many ways. Like it is much easier to remember the small pins than the long ones, it is much secure than using an Android phone for Smart Lock etc. But, Google didn’t provide the source code of the new added functionality. Doesn’t matters, because we have to use the functionality not the code. So, its an amazing step by Google, which is gonna set a benchmark for its competitors. Eagerly waiting for the update!

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