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Seagate shows new 60 TB SSD, much bigger than others

Have you ever thought that if you get 60 TB memory then, what all things you may do with it? It’s just beyond imagination that anyone could possibly make it true(providing 60 TB memory in a device). Yes, it has been done, Seagate a hardware making company has made a SSD(Solid State Drive) with flaunting memory of 60TB. It is the largest SSD yet, with that sort of capacity. But, unfortunately this SSD is only meant for business, released as an addition to Seagate’s data center portfolio.

If you try to compare the specs of the drive, then gladly I may tell you that it s just 4 times more than the next competitor. And you may store 12,000 DVD movies and about 400 million photos. So start the calculation with this provided fact and think what all you could do with this! This memory giant was created with quick accessibility in mind and you will be more amazed to know that its flexible architecture will simply help the company to expand the accommodation of the drive from 60 TB to 100 TB in oncoming future, by using the same form factor.

Since, the drive is only available for demonstration and officially it will be launched in 2017, so no features are revealed of this device. And we couldn’t guess that what type of the device it would be and how it may look like? And through the given facts it’s just the SSD. So, every gadget geek and tech savvy can’t even imagine how much wildness this drive would contain in it.

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