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Prisma now offline also

Some days before only, an image editing app which used artificial intelligence as its main framework got famous named, “Prisma”. A trend setter app, which provided a new definition to the image editing. Now, it has also added an offline feature. That means, the images which you converted into the “neural network” images through Internet connectivity, now can also be converted offline. Many artworks like Lichtenstein-or Van Goghesque are very famous of Prisma.

Basically, the working of app is it sends your cat photo ton the servers where a neural network does the complex changes into your image. An official statement made from company  was “We have managed to implement neural networks to smart phones, which means users will no longer need an Internet connection to turn their phone into art pieces.” Company also added with a one liner “Only half a Prisma’s styles will be available at first(8 art works), but others will be added in the near future soon.”

Now, this added feature will surely increase the speed of your transformation. Because the new algorithm added has offline feature, which basically will reduce your CPU cycles; since you will not be using the Internet to transform any image. Hence this will increase the app speed, to the next level. And Prisma is also planning the app to do the same transformation for the video. That means AI will convert your video too. Prisma added in its statement” Now that we have implemented neural networks right to the smartphones, we have enough servers capacity to run full videos on them in the near future.”

They also claimed that they are the first one to implement the neural network tech on a smart phone and “no team or company has ever done anything close.” This means in upcoming future we will see more gadgets and technologies being coming in market based on neural network. Since, Google and Apple have only launched its AI translation, voice recognition, but this is something more.

Company revealed the figures that 52 million people have installed Prisma and around 5 million use it daily. It has done much, than Snapchat has done till now. And company is coming with new features in upcoming future, which surely will boost up its demand and will also help developers to develop their own technology in neural network field.

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