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Onion Omega2 provides you to add Linux to your hardware

If you are really a gadget lover then you must be knowing about Raspberry Pi(1,2,3), similarly a tiny computer of $5 has arrived into market named Onion Omega2. This small chip will help you in many ways like you may build a robot which may do any work for you. The Onion Omega can be useful to you in many ways like bringing your slippers, giving you an alarm for you daily routine etc(if embedded in a robot).

This small device is Arduino-compatible and also runs on Linux parallelly. This means that you could use this device as a web interface, with just plugging it in and giving command line access via desktop. It also has some embedded features like it supports Wi-Fi and can be expanded to support Bluetooth, GPS connections as well.

An official statement came from its co-founder Boken Lin “Omega2 is a Linux computer designed for hardware projects. It does a few things. First allows software developers to develop hardware using high level programming languages and familiar developer tools/ It also allows non-technical people to program using drag and drop interface”. He also added that “We created modular expansions so people with limited electronics knowledge can still build complex hardware projects”.

So, if you need to provide any command line on the device, then you must prefer this device. This is because it is modular and self-contained, which is incredible. Since, you know that to handle this type of devices you must have some bit of knowledge about programming because to handle this bugger is seriously a fun. And with this device you may start hardware hacking.

Cost of this device is also in budget, that is $5 and shipping will start in November. As, you may know that it was firstly created in 2015. But, as compared to that model this one s much faster. It comprises of 32 MB RAM and 16 MB storage. Whereas it comes in two variants, the second one costs for $9 which is a “plus” model and comprises of 128 MB RAM and 32 MB storage. To show te transparency of the device, it also has a feature that you may connect a OLED to see that whats going inside the tiny device.

In this device you may program in your desired language that is Python, PHP and nodeJS, you won’t need to learn anything extra for this. So, lets see whether this device is gonna help hardware engineers in some ways or not!

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