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Now Gmail will warn you about malicious links: New update

Google always launches some useful updates in its app, so that it could help users in any of the way. And this time its an important one. Since, the time Gmail was launched many spam mails were received by many of us, in one or the other form. Through this many ID’s got hacked and many got remotely accessed by the second party. So, to permanently get rid of this problem, Google has announced, a new security update for its popular mail service. It will warn users if they receive any message containing any malicious links.

Google in its official statement said that(as revealed in its Security blog) ” Users would be warned if they receive a message that can’t be valid with Sender Policy Framework(SPF).” Now, the user which will send you these malicious links, a red question mark will appear next to its profile. And it will indicate the potential risk.

Blog also added “On the web, if you receive a message with a link to a dangerous site known for phishing, malware, and Unwanted Software, you will begin to see warnings when you click on the link.” And as you know that Google’s service mail has a secured and tight backup with high-end security and now this new update will increase its strength against malware. But, if you think that all the profile which contain question mark are malicious, so this is wrong. And Google has also suggested that users must not reply to these mails.

Since, Google is one of the most popular mailing portals and there are billions of users of Gmail, so to provide security to its users Google has given this update. Now, no one could spoof you with phishing or malware attack. As earlier, Google also launched end-to-end encryption format, which helped users in many ways. Now, lets see whether this update is gonna do same or not!

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