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Now, download offline Maps in Windows 10

Many new features have been added in Windows 10, and now if you use the latest one then you may have realized that Microsoft has given many new functionalities in the new O.S. But, a new feature, that may shock you is, offline Maps in windows. Yes, offline Maps, now you may download maps of specific areas and may use them in offline mode. You may download the Maps from the inbuilt app of Windows that is “Maps”.

Here are some steps through which you could do so:-

  1. Firstly, check the Maps app in your computer through Cortana search bar. Now in the search result, on the top you will get Maps app. Click on it.
  2. Now, when the app gets open, on the leftmost corner search bar will appear. Now, here enter the place whose offline map you want to download.
  3. For downloading the offline maps on your PC, click on settings. After clicking on it, in General option you will see a sub-option of download. If it’s not showing then update the app.
  4. And as soon as you click on previous option, Windows will redirect you to the Offline Map settings. Now here you have to perform your remaining task.
  5. Here, you will see an option named “Download Maps”. Just click on it and suddenly after clicking on it, a pop up window ill appear in front of you named “name of continents”.
  6. Here, you may select your continent and then a list of countries will appear. Windows and Bing have the option to download the Map of the whole country. But, if it’s area is small like Bhutan, Nepal etc, but if you want to download the map for larger countries like India, then you must be area specific.
  7. Then after selecting the country’s name, choose the region of which you want to download, click on “select to choose a region”. Now you will get an option for downloading the offline maps for different regions. And below it, memory of every area in MBs will be mentioned.
  8. And after you have selected the region to download, then you may see the Map application downloading.

When exploring this application, then you may also perform some functions like “Storage connection”, “Maps update” etc. You may also surf them. So, this functionality provided by Microsoft through Windows 10 is really useful, specially for those users who don’t have Internet and have some important work to do. For them it’s just a magical key.

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