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New Google+ features, now available for all users

Google+, if you are an Android user or an iOS user, then you may know that what Google+ matters for your device. Today, Google+ has made an important place in our daily life. All the apps you Login, to all the form you fill, all they need is Google+ ID. And imagine if Google makes its more easy to handle the Google+, with new added features, so it will provide more and more users to join its arena. So, Google decided to roll out the new features for all the users. This was being said by Daniel Buckly, Project Manager at Google.

These added features were being introduced firstly in the month of November, last Year. But, it was given to some users only not for all. This was basically the Preview offer, so users which were unable to get it, now are given the chance to update the app. So, added features consists of Network related issues, like the ability to add photos or comment links on your photo, a new notification place which will provide you to check your recent activities on Google+ and approval for posting any post in Community, from owner.

So, in future these features will be added to your mobile. That means older Google+ pages will be updated with the new ones. So, these changes will be applicable on all Android, iOS and PC. Some more changes like providing more and more communities to the big organisations etc, will be seen by Google in coming days. But, till now these new features are going to roll down in coming days, so enjoy your all new experience on the updated Google+ app.

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