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Microsoft will now pay users for using its Edge Browser

Microsoft, a tech giant and basically a Windows OS maker. That’s the qualities by which we know, Microsoft. But, now a days it is far more than that, yes you got it right. Because after its great program of Anniversary update, where it provided users update of their Windows 10, for free of cost. And now it is all set to make another bombastic announcement related to its Browser, which is Microsoft Edge. Yes, an effort to make people to join its Browser in more and more numbers, it is going to start this program.

Now, company will pay you to use its browser. Company also claims that, their browser also saves battery and lasts for longer time as compared to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. That means Edge uses 36-53% less battery as compared to its competitors while performing the daily tasks like watching videos on YouTube, using social networks and surfing to internet. Microsoft will offer rewards, this was the announcement being made by the Microsoft earlier this week. Basically, it’s just a rebranding of Bing Rewards and till now this offer is only available in US. And in this program Microsoft and Bing will offer you points for using Edge and through that points you could shop at Microsoft store.

What you have to do avail this offer is, just make Bing(Web search engine and owned by Microsoft) as your default search engine, to earn points in its revamped rewards program. These points could also be used in shopping through, Starbucks, Skype and ad-free version of This program is basically started by Microsoft because a report came, which stated that “Almost three-quarters of Windows 10 users are not using Edge browser.” So, by seeing this report they thought of launching the program. Beside all this you will be amazed to know that, once Microsoft dominated the Internet market through its Internet Explorer browser, which was a predecessor to Edge. But, now when there are much advanced Browser being available in market, so Edge isn’t able to grab its position back.

Since, from the last decade browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have made their position in the market and now to defeat them, is very much difficult for Edge. So, through these type of programs it could make its step more longer, to decrease the gap between them(other browser and itself).

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