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Google’s new OS “Fuchsia”, runs virtually on anything

For every tech savvy Google is a God to them and when God needs something, what he does? Yes, you are right he creates the thing. So does the Google. Hence, Google created a whole platform, when it was needed by them. Fuchsia, an open source operating system, that has been designed to scale all the way from Internet Of Things through phones and even through PCs.

Now, some specifications of new OS are, it’s Kernel includes “grown up” OS features like user modes and a capability-based security model, Android Police notes, and also supports both the advanced graphic cards, with support of ARM and 64-bit Intel based PCs. And Google also created its own programming language which could work in the heart of the OS, and that is “Dart programming language”. But, Fuchsia is an open source OS, which is one of the best part of it.

Some added functionalities of the Fuchsia are that, you may run it on a computer or a virtual machine. If you are a coder then you may run this functionality wherever you want. And Travis Geiselbrecht of Google said that ” You will be soon running this OS on raspberry pi 3″. But, still Google didn’t reveal any features about the Fuchsia.

But, till now if we believe in rumors, then it comes across an experiment that could lay the groundwork for bigger efforts. Google is also planning to use this OS in its next projects of hardware devices like Google Home, Google cardboard etc. This OS could also provide more flexibility to Google, than compared to a platform like Brillo could offer. This also may be a median between Android and Brillo. So, lets see what new, this OS could bring to the tech world.

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