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The first Android Nougat smartphone will be the LG’s V20

LG is all set to launch its Android 7.0 Nougat phone in September and it will be the first one to comprise of the latest Android. And it will be followed by its successor LG wacky V10 phone, which will also have the same specifications like dual-screen, dual-selfie camera(as per specifications revealed).

As news came by Engadget, that LG has confirmed that V20 will be first of its kind(Android 7.0). It is a surprise move by Google, because before this all the new Android came with Nexus phones which were the first to launch the latest Android. But, LG confirmed the news.

As before LG made lion’s share of Nexus phones with the Google, which includes the models like Nexus 4, 5 and 5X. Nexus generally is a low price model(5X of $349), through which we could see that LG and Huawei are satisfied with the smaller profits to work with Google.

So, with V20 LG is all set to get a both way profit, that it can sell its handsets at a profitable price and it is still the first one to arrive in market with the new Android. Hence, we could consider that this move by LG could give its flagging mobile division a boost.

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