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Firefox update: Stops your browser from crashing

If you weren’t surprised from Microsoft’s anniversary update and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 launch, so wait there is much more for you. Mozilla is all set to launch an update that brings a multi-process version of Mozilla to some users. So, be ready because its gonna be exciting.

If we technically talk about the update, then we could say that new update provide us the new ability to split its workload into multiple processes.  By doing so, that is splitting of Web content and Firefox’s own UI processes, the toolbars and buttons should never become unresponsive. Mozilla added some Aweome Bar to attract users towards it, for more suggestions and to make it easier to read. Which also improves the security threats of it. Now, these added features will provide security from unwanted soft wares and unwanted downloads.

Whereas, on mobile, Mozilla for Android has added some flaunty features like merging of Reading lists into Bookmarks and moving Synced Tabs to the History Panel. And a new feature also arrives that is, if you receive a call while watching a video then automatically your video will be paused.

Hence, conclusion comes out that, updates on Android and Desktop are worth checking out and usable too. But, too much excitement of yours could shock you because Mozilla is taking this multi-process division step cautiously. Hence, it is providing this update firstly to 1% of the user and slowly it will be provided to all the ones who are using it, if there are no major problems in it. So, lets see through this update, if Mozilla could compete with its opponents or not!

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