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How to find Exact Location of every Pokemon, by using this new map

Pokemon Go, everyday at least a post or an article about it. So, you may have understood the popularity of the game. With popularity you also must be experiencing the fun of catching the Pokemons on the streets. But, sometimes you also get frustrated when you see in your sightings that many Pokemons are appearing, but you don’t know where to go and Catch ’em all. But, now you don’t need to get worried because a developer has developed a python script that will let you see the location of every Pokemon on Google Maps. This will tell you the exact location of every Pokemon around you, and will also make your work easy.

This isn’t any update or anything else, this is just a bug which is discovered by the developer, which lets a version of a Google Map to show you the Pokemons near you. So, before exploring this map you must know that, you should have some knowledge about command line because developer hasn’t expanded the use for the non-technical people(he is working on it). This project was spotted on Reddit where a developer named Ahmed Almutawa posted the detailed instructions. Somehow, he was able to get the detail of the Pokestops and the Gyms, which he embedded on the Google Maps and posted it on Reddit and GitHub. As i have mentioned earlier that this hack requires some of your technical knowledge, so you must open command line and write some queries of Python to do so.

After you have finished up with the Python code, then suddenly a Google Map will appear, which will show a bird’s-eye view of each and every Pokestop, Pokemon and Gyms. And if you want any specific Pokemon then you must use some more lines of code, to apply the filter in finding the Pokemons.

A statement came from the developer, as he told to The Verge ” That he and other developers are working to make this project more user-friendly. They are working to create an interface that will let you install the map easily and avoid the command line stuff”.

Now, you may see that now a days these type of hacks are going viral on web each day. It will be interesting to see that which approach will be adopted by Nintendo and Niantic. Almutawa also added that “It’s Niantic’s game and they are free to do with it whether they do. i do hope that they are fine with the map itself and it’s not causing them any issues”. So, it will be worth watchable that if this hack is gonna help players in “Gotcha Catch ’em all” or not!

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