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Is the end near: Decline in popularity of Pokemon Go

What to say and what not to, about Pokemon Go? It has provided fun, capabilities, friendships etc to all age people. Today, you couldn’t find a single guy who hasn’t listen the name of this augmented reality game. Pokemon Go is just going as a trend, that means everyone has to follow it. We may also say that, its the biggest distraction created till date by any app. And this summers it was the hotest topic and the most searched term on Google. So, what now, is popularity of Pokemon Go decreasing? Is game is arriving towards an end? Are people no more crazy about “Gotta Catch ’em all”?

Thousands of questions and millions of answers. But, according to the report from Axiom Capital Management, which was being provided to Bloommberg said that Pokemon Go popularity is in steady decline. From standing at podium now it is declining towards its end. If we go some days back in July it has been the trending topic and now declination, it’s shocking!

Axiom, the company which surveyed this, used data from surveying companies like Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey and Apptopia. This was done by Axiom to show that, the users who were addicted towards the game and spent their maximum hours in catching the Pokemons, are now dropping. And percentage of daily hours has also been declined.

So, generally who thought this augmented reality game is long-lasting are in shock, since game is coming back to earth. Basically, the aim behind the survey was to check how the app is affecting the studies of the children, how it is consuming the time of the other app etc. And through these basic things we came to know that, world’s most popular game is arriving to an end. So, this is a shocking story for Pokemon Go lovers. But, this is just a survey and we don’t think so, it might end so easily. For sure Niantic and Nintendo are going to do something innovative for players, which is again gonna bring it back on the podium!

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