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A critical update for iOS users to get rid of “Pegasus” malware

Some days before only FBI jail breaked the iPhone, for some security issues. It was the biggest news and now this one might be? Because a three-headed monster named”Pegasus”, that can be used to record sounds, collecting passwords, reading text messages, recording calls and for tracking users. So, it is effecting all the users who have iOS 9.3.4 and below.

Basically, attack utilizes mobile spyware “Pegasus”, which is created by NSO Group(An Israeli cyber warfare company). This is used to attack high value targets. If you are using one of the iOS 9.3.4, then these iOS have vulnerabilities known as “Trident”, which also has capability of hacking either of your iPhone or iPad, on a single click.

A statement came from Mike Murray, who is Vice President of Security Research and Response at cyber security firm Lookout “The Trident vulnerability chain is the first that anyone’s seen of a one-click remote jailbreak of an Apple device. It’s the smoking gun active mobile threat that we have always known existed but didn’t yet have proof of. This demonstrates that highly resourced actors see the mobile platform as a fertile target for gathering information about targets and regularly exploit the mobile environment for this purpose.”

Apple release new update iOS 9.3.5

But, if we see the time period of the vulnerabilities, so these are a month old at this point, so it’s unclear how widespread the damage is. Apple with the help of Citizen Lab and Lookout, is working to fix the vulnerability as soon as possible. So, today(26/08/2016) apple released an update, and that is iOS 9.3.5.

So, if we see iOS 9.3.5, it’s just the copy of iOS 9.3.4 with the security patch. Hence, it’s an another update from Apple before iOS 10, releasing next month. And this vulnerability has also affected the release of new iOS. But, the new update is available for all new iOS devices. So, it’s a request and advice too, that if you are running iOS 9.3.4, so please switch it to the new iOS for security issues.

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