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How to block ads on Internet, when exploring different sites

If you are an Internet user and you use it on a daily base. Then you may have noticed that if you open any website or any webpage you may get several ads being attached into it. And many times they may appear as a pop up window and automatically open themselves, and start loading the unwanted data. Sometimes these ads are useful, because they may provide you a platform to render your information through them, and whether it is Google or Facebook or any other site, they could not be so great without ads. But, on the same note it also affects you in many ways and also wastes your data and time. So, in this tutorial you may get information how to block ads on your browser.

Following are the simple steps to block the ads on your browser:_

  1. Firstly, download a free browser extension that may automatically block annoying and exaggerating ads on your browser. So, you may download any of them like Adblock Plus. It is currently free to download on any of the web browser, whether it is Mozilla or Chrome.
  2. Now, when you download the extension, it may ask you several points like Block banners, video ads on YouTube, Facebook etc. So, which one you would like to ban, mark them with a click and press download.
  3. After, downloading you may see that when you are surfing on Google, no bunch of ads are seen.Adds, which were the important component of site are not appearing on them any more.
  4. Sites like Facebook and YouTube, which showed many ads before starting any video, are no more further continuing it.

Basically, the process behind this is, these browser extensions block the communication with the ad-servers and ad-resources. They perform an operation on Client side which blocks all requests on all the URLs coming through “Google.adsense”. So, these requests made on the user side lets you to stay away from the ads and continue your browsing safe and precise.


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