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An alert will come on your Android device when a new device tries to Login into your Google Account

If you are an Android user then every now and then you get some notifications of the updates of your apps and system. But, now Google has added a new feature or you could say that a new update has arrived, that if anyone tries to Login into your Google Account, then suddenly a Native Android Push Notification will come on your Android device. This will help users to keep their account more secure.

Before this update Google offered an email notification for newly added devices, but many of the users ignored the emails. So by seeing this, search giant provided a new tool of push notification to our device screen. Which also provides you a chance to change your password immediately before an outsider or a hacker gets in.

Since, it’s not that much big change than the before one, but Google says that people pay 4 times more attention on push notification as that compared to email notification. An official statement came from Google that ” The new feature increase transparency to the user of what actions they have performed and allows them to flag any suspicious activity they may be seeing on the device”.

So, now if you add a new device to your Google account or you could say that if you have Logged in your Google account from another device, then suddenly you will receive a push notification on your current Android device. Which will ask you “Did you just sign in?” And if your answer is yes then you may ignore the notification. But, if its no then you just have to tap the “Review account activity” button to know about the details of the suspicious device(that logged in). So, immediately you could change your password and add 2 factor authorisation(2FA) if you are worried that any intruder could attack your account.

Google is all set to launch this update nearly in two week, across the world. And hope this added service is useful to all the Google account users!

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