7 Tech Innovations By Indians; Highlight on Independence Day 2016

4. USB interface

USB Interface

The USB interface is a ubiquitous standard to connect devices. Ajay Bhatt is the co-inventor of the USB standard. He is an Intel fellow, and has won the European Inventor Award in the Non-European countries category in 2013.

In 2009, Ajay Bhatt was featured in an advertisement by Intel, where he is shown by an actor walking through the office like a rock star. People are wearing shirts with his name on it, and cramming for autographs. Bhatt was also involved in the development of the PCI express standard.

3. Intel Pentium Chip

Intel Pentium Chip

The Intel Pentium chip was developed by a team lead by an Indian, Vinod Dham. Dham has developed chips that have been used by Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. He is known as the “Father of the Pentium”. He started his career in 1971 by joining a Delhi based semiconductor company called Continental Devices. Dham’s innovative approach for developing the chip was going to customers and software publishers, and compiled a list of 147 features the companies wanted. By including these features, Intel avoided making costly tweaks to the product after it was launched. Dham is a philanthropist, and has donated to many charities in India and the United States.

2. Fibre Optics

Fibre Optics

Narinder Singh Kapany is known as the “Father of Fibre Optics.” Kapany coined the term “Fibre Optics” in 1956. According to a fortune magazine feature in 2009, a high school teacher had told Kapany that light could only travel in a straight line. Kapany proved his teacher wrong by developing fibre optic cables. Kapany has written several papers and delivered lectures in universities around the world, on the theoretical aspects of fibre optic communication. Kapany is an avid collector of Sikh art, and has held exhibitions of his dynoptic sculptures.

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