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Titan X the most powerful GPU of the universe: NVIDIA

When some Americans were busy catching Pokemons and some listening to the speech of Trump, then  Jen-Hsun Huang( NVIDIA CEO) was ready with a surprise, as he always does. He surprisingly launched the most powerful Graphic card of all time Titan X. It was revealed when Huang was in the conference of Epic Games.

Now, lets talk about the performance, it is far more advance than NVIDIA’s previous release GeForce GTX 1080, which was considerd to be the best of all time release of NVIDIA, since it was 30% more advanced than the previous Titan X and 70% more than GTX 980. The new card consists of 12GB  of GDDR5X memory, 3584 cores at 1.53 GHz delivering a quoted 11 teraflops of performance. The new GPU runs on Pascal technique and it consists of 12 billion transistors, making it the biggest GPU ever built as NVIDIA said. It also hums along 1531MHz boost clock. It’s memory bandwidth is of 480 GB/sec(which is something extra ordinary). As official statement came from NVIDIA it gives a speed of 11 teraflops with FP32(single precision floating point) performance, with 60% more than the previous Titan X.

But, if we compare the performance of NVIDIA’s previous releases and now Titan X, then surely we could say that this is the beast unleashed. With more CUDA Cores and 12 billion transistors inbuilt inside it, it is much more than a gamer wants. It offers a 60 frames per second gaming experience at 4k resolution without the need of multi-GPU. And it also supports NVIDIA’s redesigned SLI HB bridge.

Now, you know that a high performer, face melting and with the beast speed doesn’t come cheap. As before NVIDIA’s other Pascal GPU  based graphics card costs were high, so as this new card has. It is all set to debut with a price of 1200$. It’s launching date is on August 2 on

So, it was the greatest news for all the computer geeks to start their Friday with. And looking forward for the fastest one with the shinny eyes.

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