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Teenagers Hacking Sundar Pichai Account

A group of 3 hackers known as ‘OurMine’ have found hacked into Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and movie star Channing Tatum. OurMine is a group of teenagers and is pursuing high-profile accounts to promote better securit and what better way than to hack the accounts of big tech folk?

Once hacked, they use the account to post messages which promote the group. They recently found a vulnerability in the online Q&A site, Quora. They hacked into Pichai’s Quora account to ask, “Is it possible to force my android app users of all version [sic] to update the app?” However, Quora disagrees insisting that there’s no such vulnerability. OurMine sells its services and scans the security of websites for a fee. It had 34 customers so far and dropped the price of social media scanning from $99 to $30.

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