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How to stop Google from tracking your smartphone(Android)

Today, in this modern world every one whether a youth, teenage, or an old guy, each and every one is a  smartphone user. And the best thing to use these smart boxes is that you can receive customised information of products and services based on your location, everywhere you go. This is possible because of the Google apps that you have priorly installed in your smart devices that are Google Maps, Google Now, local listings in search results etc.

Google provides you such a highly customised service on your smartphone, so for doing this Google always tracks you and records your location where ever you go. Many times your family members even don’t know where you are? But, Google knows everything and it has all your information. Since, there are a lot of advantages of letting Google to know your location, but at the same time if you are concerned that your information shouldn’t go into the wrong hands then it is better to change the settings of your smartphone and you may prevent Google from tracking you.

So, these are the following steps to change your settings:-

1. From the time you start using Internet on your phone, from that moment only by default your location information starts automatically getting tracked and recorded by Google. To get a confirmation of this, open your browser and type a link and sign in into your google account(if you are using chrome then it is priorly signed in). Hence, there comes a pop up window having year, month and date, from this calendar you can choose any date in the past and automatically your location history of that date appears. And you can even use the play button to replay your exact location movements at different times on selected date.

Google Maps

2. The good news is that Google provides you the option to permanently delete your location history from a particular day or you may delete all your location history with just a click.

3. To prevent Google from recording your location in upcoming future, you must go to Settings> Locations> Google Locations Reporting and then turn off the Location Reporting and Location history options. For more security issues, you may turn off the location feature on your phone completely, which will permanently save you from being getting tracked.


image Settings

So, now by knowing this feature you may safeguard yourself as well as your device from the wrong hands.


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