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How you could remotely access your computer securely

There are many moments when you don’t have your important documents, photographs etc and all that stuff lies in your personal computer, and at that time something most important thing you need is your P.C. Now, you may remotely access your P.C. with any distance and whenever you want. Google chrome Remote Desktop app allows you to connect to your computer quickly and securely from anywhere on the Internet using a mobile, tablet or a computer.

Here are some useful steps, by following them you may be able to do so:-

1. The Google Chrome Remote Desktop is free app being available in the app stores of android as well as iOS. When the first time you run the Google Chrome Remote Desktop app in your browser, it may ask numerous permissions so that it can work properly.

2. Once this app is installed on your device, then you may either share your screen with any of your friend or colleague or you can access your own computer from anywhere on the Internet.

3. To remotely access your computer from anywhere on the web, you have to click on the Enable Remote Connections and install the Chrome Remote Desktop host on your computer. Then click on OK button and continue.

4. Next step that you have to follow is that, you will choose a PIN number of  atleast 6 digits. This PIN number will be your password for each time remote accessing of your computer. Whenever you will remotely access your computer this PIN will be asked from you. Now, after entering PIN number and Re confirming it you may click on OK button. And, now you are ready to connect your computer remotely from anywhere and anytime on the Internet.

5. Once you are trying to access  your computer with any device which has Chrome Remote Desktop app, priorly installed in it, then just you have to sign from the mutual account of Google that you had signed in earlier on the desktop. Now, a list of computers being associated with your Google account will appear and you may click on the computer that you wish to connect remotely.

6. Now, you will be asked to enter the PIN number you had set on your computer. Enter the following PIN and click on connect button. And , within few seconds you will be able to remotely access all the functionalities of your computer.

This is an useful app, which may help you on many ways when you are in trouble and it also gives you an amazing experience as if you are sitting right in front of your computer and using it.

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