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Pokémon Go Servers Are Down Because Niantic Are Adding 3 Cool New Features

Pokémon Go currently the most viral game ever is making storm all over the internet. But From July 17th morning The Pokémon Go servers are down, and we’re pretty sure that it’s because Niantic are adding more features to game.

From sources,we got news since the servers were brought down, there have been 3 more lines of code added to the game files. These 3 more lines of code to the game are actually three new features being added to Pokémon Go Game.

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Below are 3 new features that can be seen in next update of Pokemon Go Game:

  1. The ability to trade. When the servers come back up, you’ll be able to trade your 1800 CP Gyarados to a level 1 beginner, effectively ruining the game and making it entirely pointless. But hey, trading, yay!
  2. The ability to battle your friends in real-time. Now this one is pretty cool, because it means there’s actually some gameplay other than the repetitive gym battles. Strategy will be key, and knowing what type beats what will make the difference between winning and losing.
  3. More data is being collected. As well as your full name, address, date of birth, hair and eye color, and height, Niantic will now have complete access to your microphone, camera, and speakers.

So, what to do till then. You can just wait or you check out Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks.


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