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Pokemon Go International Release Delayed Due To Server Problems

The new game Pokemon Go is officially launched in few countries like Australia, US and New Zealand. But it’s yet to be available in other countries like India and Japan. That is why the game lovers are side-loading it to play it on their phones.

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The impact of these players, in addition to those in countries where Pokemon Go is available, is that the game has been uplayable for a vast number of people due to its servers unable to deal with the load. So much so that developer Niantic who made Pokemon Go along with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company is delaying its release in other markets till this is fixed.

The Niantic CEO John Hanke said “The launch in other countries has been paused until we’re comfortable, we thought the game would be popular, but it obviously struck a nerve” . Despite the rabid interest the franchise has generated over the years, something Niantic is aware of, it has been caught by surprise.

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The game was discovered on Australia and New Zealand app stores. Usually, most developers use these markets to test out certain aspects of the game such as microtransaction prices and certain design elements. We’ve seen that with titles from other big name publishers like Rovio and EA. Chances are, the same applies here. The US launch seems like a knee-jerk reaction and server overloads seem like a result of this. The fact that the game is easily accessible on Android for those not in the aforementioned markets simply compounds matters.

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