Some points to remember before starting with Pokemon Go

“Catch ’em all” the new tag line of today’s world. Apps like snapchat, hike etc are losing their values in front of this 2 week old game.

But but but, before downloading and starting this Nintendo’s new gps based augmented reality game, you all must keep in mind the following points in your mind.

1. Since only some countries are provided with the official google play store app, hence many countries which are unavailable from this facility, they are providing apps on many third party gaming sites. Recommending users to download the APK from a non google play link. While installing this app users are allowed  to change their settings to install apps from untrusted sources.

So, many of these apps have opened a back door for the hackers to use their private information in their devices.

2. If you are a tech savvy then you may know that how much vulnerabilities these apps cause else if you aren’t then you may protect your device and logged in accounts safe from these apps.Never ever login to these apps with your private or personal gmail account else the spoofers may get your information from your device without your information.

3. If you aren’t a tech savvy then don’t install the malicious apps being residing in play store because they may permanently lock your phone and have all the confidential info from it and the only option will be to reboot your phone. So, beware of these fake app.

4. And please be safe on the roads, highways and the locations where ever you go because now a days it  has become an issue that this game is life taking. Because many humans have lost their lives in one or the other means through this game.So, play safe.

5. No more cheat codes,mods or anything else. The makers of this game have started punishing those cheaters and hackers who don’t want physically to walk and catch the pokemons instead they apply cheats and make pairs with the other players and get the pokemons. They will be punished in several forms like many wild pokemons will run away in front of them,they will be banned for some days,if you still do so then you will be permanently banned and you couldn’t continue further. So, guys its the game enjoy and play it with a sportsmanship.

Do take these preventive measures else you couldn’t catch ’em all.

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