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Ok Google’s List of Commands!

The problem with voice command software is that they seem intuitive, but they’re actually not. For instance, if you change the wording of your command a bit, it might not work. OK Google, Siri and the others face this common challenge; they want to know how they can show users what commands they can inquire, without sending them a list of commands, which would lessen the magical effect, when you say “OK, Google, where was Marilyn Monroe born?” and it ‘magically’ replies, “Los Angeles, California.”

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If you, for some reason, don’t remember the wording to Google’s standard questions you can always check below list:

Note: BOLD words below can be changed accordingly.

  1. How old is Johnny Depp?
  2. Where was Dhoni born?
  3. Who invented smartphone?
  4. What’s the time?
  5. What time is it in US?
  6. What’s the weather like?
  7. What’s the temperature outside?
  8. What’s BMW trending at?
  9. Convert 100 centimeter to meter.
  10. Square root to 6579?
  11. What’s 101 plus 98?
  12. Open
  13. Open YouTube.
  14. Decrease Brightness.
  15. Take a picture
  16. Turn on Flash.
  17. Turn off Bluetooth.
  18. Record a video.
  19. Increase volume.
  20. Set volume to 8.
  21. Mute the volume.
  22. Define microchip.
  23. What’s the meaning of interface?
  24. Set an alarm for 10.35 PM.
  25. Set an alarm for 7.00 AM with label Drop kids to school.
  26. Wake me up at 7.00 AM everyday.
  27. Schedule a meeting.
  28. Show me my bills.
  29. Show me my flights.
  30. Make a note: feed the dog.
  31. Call Jake.
  32. Call the nearest bakery.
  33. Call Dominos.
  34. Show me my messages.
  35. Text John what are you doing?
  36. Send a email to John.
  37. Send a WhatsApp message to John.
  38. Post to Facebook.
  39. Translate can i have water to Hindi.
  40. Add a remainder.
  41. Show me nearest restaurants.
  42. Navigate to Airport.
  43. What’s the score in cricket.
  44. Flight status of Jet Airways 2478.
  45. When was Iron Man released?
  46. Who is the producer of Ant-Man?
  47. Who acted in Interstellar?
  48. Best Movie of 2007.
  49. Best comedy movies.
  50. Oscar winner of 2015.
  51. Do a barrel roll.
  52. What’s the loneliest number.
  53. Make me a sandwitch.
  54. Tell me a joke.
  55. Roll a dice.
  56. Flip a coin.
  57. What’s this music?
  58. Listen to rap.
  59. Set timer for 54 minutes.
  60. Start countdown.

These above OK Google’s commands are most used ones. There are more commands which can be checked on this site. This site has a giant list of commands and is very user-friendly. You’ll pretty much realise that you’re barely using the programme to its fullest

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