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Now spam callers could be identified through Google’s Android Phone app

Now  a days, you could see and may have faced this situation that we receive more marketing and spam calls than the needed calls. And this is a bitter truth, each one of us are fed up of these calls and they also have side affects that they lock you in an awkward situation. Now, these incidents may decrease because  Google added spam call detection functionality to its phone app for Android.

Back into 2013 Android received a major update that, all the incoming calls contained the ID from business as part of the launch of Android KitKat. But, now it is getting much more than that, which may help many ones who are unaware of the apps like TrueCaller. And it may also bound them, and they may also not answer the spam calls. Now, it may also help in security reasons and a whole lot in spam recognition, but the feature has only arrived for those ones who own Nexus or Android One devices(not for the other Android phones).

Apps like TrueCaller are now going to loose their market, when Google will provide this embedded facility. Google stated that ” it’s new feature will allow users to block and report spam numbers, which hints the company will use data from users to recognise sources of annoying calls”. But, it lacks in the facilities as compared to TrueCaller. But, it is surely gonna help those who weren’t aware it was possible before now.

This, added feature has also increased the range of the Google, with positive impacts on the Android users.

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