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Now Prisma launched for Android one’s: all live on play store

A trend has been started a few days ago, in which you may transform your image into an artistic effect. The app named Prismajust uses artificial intelligence and neural network to do the transformation. Hits are coming in the pocket of Prisma, as just over a month after launching on iOS and it has effectively captured each and every one whether it’s a celebrity or a normal iPhone user, no one is safe from its trap. And, now it’s a good news for all android users because when it was launched it was only available in the iPhones and now it is going live on Google Play Store(launched yesterday).

This isn’t the first app which converts your images into the artistic work, you may find many of them. But, if it comes on output, then it speaks itself, with a slew of “art filters” that transforms photos into wide swatch of different sketch and painting styles with enormous speed and convenient complexity. It was a mind-blowing performance by hitting the chart at tenth position in U.S., in the App Store. Till, now it is still handling itself on seventeenth position.

The launched Android version contains around three dozens of filters, consisting of a large cross-section of different styles from modern based reality to the animated ones. There are many more functionalities being provided in the app which may help you in many ways.

So, it has brought a happy moment for the Android user,who were feeling discriminated when they saw social networking sites filled up by the artistic views of Prisma. Now, the time has come for the Android users to bang the app with full energy.

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