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Now you may surf other apps while watching YouTube videos through FlyTube

If you are a YouTube lover and you don’t want any outer disturbance to disturb you, then trust me this app is made for you. This app helps you watching your YouTube videos in the background and with this you could enjoy the other app’s services. The clips play in the background of the device and let’s you to browse other thing on it.

Flytube, yeah this is the app which provides this super amazing functionality. This app basically, plays YouTube videos in a pop-up window, which could be placed on top of any app or your home screen and you could multitask with other things. Once you have installed this app on your on your device then automatically, it will tap a link to a YouTube video. When you come across any video which is being embedded on the web page, then in this situation you may call up the app through share option.

Flytube has one more functionality of video resize, that means it offers you to resize any  ongoing video according to your need. But, this functionality charges you $1.20, that means it’s a paid one. When you may enjoy a super level functionality of resizing the video, then this amount is nothing in front of it. This app is boon to all the YouTube surfers. Specially, the resizing functionality, which makes it worth download. You may do anything Chrome, Facebook etc and you could also play the audio in your background and continue with your work. But, it doesn’t works, when you lock your device. Because, it is against the terms and conditions of YouTube.

This is just an amazing news to all the web surfers, now you shouldn’t waste your time while watching the videos, when you can do more. Hope so it may gain more and more popularity!

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