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Now you can run Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your PC

Many, users parallely run 2 O.S. on their computers, so that they may get extra facilities and it also makes their work easier in different fields. Following, this league Chih-Wei Huang from the Android-x86 project announced that the availability of first Release Candidate(RC) build of oncoming Android-x86 6.0 O.S. The coming O.S. is designed to run on the most computer, with 32 bit x86 or 64 bit x86_64 processors. Basically, the original process that lets user to run Android on their computers is Android-x86.

Android-x86 is basically an open source and distributed project, which mainly targets to port the latest version of Android Marshmallow which is basically created by Google, for smartphones, tablets and other embedded devices. This O.S. could be installed in x86 PCs which may include any laptop or desktop. It has just the same procedure of installation, as Ubuntu and Linux have.

It has been in development phase from past few months. But, there haven’t been any Beta or RC release of it! It is based on the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow MR2, which is an mobile O.S. Android-x86 6.0 RC1 is powered Linux kernel 4.4.12 LTS. New version of it includes more feature that are SecureBoot (UEFI) support, OpenGL ES3.x hardware acceleration on computers, with graphic card of NVIDIA or AMD and it also supports both 32 bit and 64 bit kernel space.

There is more stuff in it pocket as it also supports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio, multi-touch, sensors etc. all the Android things, that you use on your Android device. And with this, the list doesn’t stops here it also automatically supports SD cards and USB drives. Upgrade process from previous release of x-86, has been enhanced in this as if you try to parade Android 6.0, then respective partition EXT2 or EXT3 will automatically change into EXT4 format. But, as we know nothing is perfect in this technical world. Hence, it also includes some problems like issue with Google Play Services in some situations, suspended and resume on some devices.

So, we could say that it is a good news to many multi O.S, and looking forward for the positive response by the users, towards it.

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