Microsoft’s Camera Better than Apple’s?

In recent years, Mobile Camera became all time portable camera for users to click pictures. Image quality differentiates smartphones with Real SLR, D-SLR Cameras. Thus keeping in mind about giving better image quality from mobile camera is main goal for companies nowadays, there is an entire industry of apps built around making your photos look there best. But while many apps try to enhance or embellish your photos, not many try to replace your iPhone camera app entirely. But that’s what Microsoft Camera is doing.

We’re not talking about the physical camera, we’re talking about Microsoft’s camera app ‘Microsoft Pix’ – the free app from Microsoft Research. The app takes the best pictures by continuously taking pictures when the app is open & uses an algorithm to choose the best shot from amongst 10. It takes 7 shots just before the camera button is clicked & 3 after. Experience says that the shot that people really want seems to be the one taken just before hitting click. And guess what, Microsoft uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide the better picture & automatically adjusts noise, contrast & white balance.

Microsoft Pix

The app is completely free of cost. There are no modes, no filters, and no adjustable settings. For the most part, its confidence in choosing the best photo makes life easy for the user. It works with all iPhone models and is free to download from Apple App Store (currently available for Apple Only).

Try it out and tell us via comments that it can replace the Apple’s Camera, download it now (Apple only).

Microsoft claims that Pix has been tuned to make people look better. But the iPhone takes superior portraits. However in a dimmer conditions, like a low-lit restaurant or office space, Microsoft is your best bet.

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