A massive attack may ruin Pokemon Go on August 1

A major warning came from poodlecorp, that they will take Pokemon Go offline on 1st of August, with a DDoS(Distributed Daniel of Service) attack. These attacks will be in several numbers so that they could harm the fragile server of it. As the official statement came from a member of the poodlecorp group ” We do it because we can, nobody can stop us and we just like to cause chaos”.

This group is planning to take down the server for 20+ hours which means around a day! They are basically attacking through the botnet technique being consisted of 600,000 devices being ranging from digital video recorders. They are claiming that they have been the reason behind the hacking of many YouTube surfers and server of League of Legends(game), using botnet technique.

But, poodlecorp isn’t the first group that have made many big claims and are unable to do so, there are more groups in the line. But, this time they are warning with a statement that “because we made a promise”.

From these statements we are unable to conclude that, why this group is doing so? A game which has brought happiness and joy in millions of lives, is being attacked for no reason is a big cyber issue. But, then there is a reason like “because we can” which is good enough to do so.

So, lets wait and watch what 1st of August is gonna bring to the game lovers. And hope so every gamer enjoys his/her run with gotta Catch ’em all.

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