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How to install and play Pokemon Go on Computer?

Pokemon Go, we could say nothing about it. A surprise packet from Nintendo and now, one of the most viral app of all time. We could judge its popularity through this that, it has surpassed Twitter and Tinder, in terms of downloads and daily users(when it haven’t been launched in many countries). And one more stats came that, people are spending more time on Pokemon Go as compared to Facebook.

This location based augmented reality game is being played by millions in America. Nintendo is also working to expand its area to other regions, so that they could bring more and more people to join this. To play this game you have to walk around and catch Pokemons. So this app uses GPS location of your smartphone. But, on the other side many people think that they could avoid walking and catch Pokemons through BlueStacks(Android emulator), on their PC. So, for this you need to do something more.

Using GPS spoofing app to play Pokemon Go app on PC.

Firstly, all you need to do is, install an app on your PC to fake your GPS location. Now, you need to fake your GPS location through this spoofing app. Travis D a You Tuber has done the same thing, by installing the app on his rooted device. By, doing this you can play Pokemon Go on your table, without a single step movement. And this little hack also saves your effort of walking. 

Travis D has also made his You Tube tutorial, so that you could also learn how to do this spoofing on your PC. is the link which will provide you all facility. This video tutorial will tell how to install it on your PC and how to play it.

This process of spoofing and plaŷing just takes about 20 minutes for whole procedure. But, if you follow the guidelines of Nintendo, then it is against it. It isn’t the best way to play the game. And playing it on the PC also kills the appeal of walking around and catching them. Apart from these toes of tricks, many hackers discover their own tricks, so that they can hatch egg faster or quicker. And something new has came into market that you may attach your device with ceiling fan, wheels etc to move your Avatar faster.

While this a free game and playing it on PC is something risk taking, which also violates the term and conditions of the company. So, play on PC at your risk. So, play safe and enjoy the game with a gamespirit.

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