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How to Get Verified on Twitter (Official)

First, you need to be a person of public interest (you need to have a following other than your mum). Twitter has started taking applications from users who wish to verify their account. As part of your application you’ll need to send your birthdate, phone number, a copy of a government-issued ID, & you need to have your photo as a profile pic.

Why Verify?

You may ask, ‘All that effort for a tiny blue check next to your name?’ You’re not thinking like a celebrity, mate. If you’re some big-shot, people may want to impersonate you, & they do, a lot.

Having that little blue tick makes a world of a difference when your fans are looking for you & you want to continue to be famous. Currently, there are 187,00 verified accounts on Twitter, out of the 310 M users it boasts, making the blue check exclusive & rather coveted.

Get Verified On Twitter:

Follow below steps to get a chance to get verified on Twitter.

  1. Login to your Twitter Account.
  2. Open your Twitter account settings and make sure you have a verified phone number, confirmed email address, a bio, profile photo, header photo, a website and a birthday (required for personal accounts only). Your tweets must also be set to public in your privacy settings.
  3. Improve your chances of approval by having a username that reflects the real name of the person or company. The account’s profile or header photo should also reflect the person or company’s branding, according to Twitter.
  4. Fill out and submit the form to request account verification. Explain why Twitter should verify your account and provide examples to help the company understand your impact. Provide at least two URLs to showcase your newsworthiness or relevancy in your field. Finally, Twitter may also request a scan or photo of a government-issued ID to confirm your identity.

Twitter says it will respond to all requests via email, and users who get denied can submit another request 30 days later.

Did you get verification badge next to your Name? Let us know via the comments.  If you have any query do comment below. For more tutorials visit our How To section.

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