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A chain can hack your PC in just a minute

USBdriveby a new form of USB(USB powered micro controller ) can hack your laptop and computer in just 60 seconds or a minute. Yes, you got it right, USBdriveby is an USB being embedded with a chain or a necklace(so that their may not be any security flaws) has capability of doing dangerous and horrifying hacking tricks with your PC. It can hijack your computer without your knowledge. When once inserted into the USB port it just takes a minute to traverse your computer.

How does it works?

1. Firstly when USBdriveby is inserted into the USB port of your system then it, pretends to an external device like mouse,game pad etc.

2. Then it automatically through system calls, satisfies the computer network apps that everything is going all right.

3. After this, it disables the system’s firewall.

4. When it is finished with disabling the firewall, it starts altering the settings of DNS. By making changes in the DNS, it remotely provides the full control to the hacker.

5. And when the control reaches into the hacker’s hand then he/she may remotely access any website and may get all your information without bringing it, in your attention. Hacker may create a back door port, through which he may always peep into your activities and may leak your details as well.

6. Once hacker gains the control he may exploit the entire system.

7. Hacker removes his all traces and evidences so that you may not be able to guess that anyone is remotely accessing your system.

Hence, from this we could conclude that through USBdriveby your system may be exploited within minutes. Since, it results in disabling all the security layers and also cleans up all the mess being done by a hacker. It permanently leaves the system into an open connection, when the device is removed.

No O.S. is safe from this attack it easily attacks into Linux as well. And once the attack is made nothing you could do to stop it. So, to be safe you must avoid the untrusted devices to insert into your system.

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