Beyond playing, now a chatting app for Pokemon Go

A renowned peripheral computer hardware company Razer is making a Pokemon go chat app. And this news is something all the gamers actually wanted.

Razer, with the app name RazerGo will let Pokemon players chat with the other users with the max. distance of 600 miles that means 2 players or a group of players could connect themselves within a range of 600 miles and they may talk to each other publicly or privately. Players will be able to drop beacons to endulge the other players in the chats. Through “Beacons” players will be able to open a chat room which is available near them. As Pokemon Go, RazerGo will also be a location aware app.

Since, Pokemon Go being a social game and lacks the feature of communication, hence there was a necessity to bring an app like this in the market, so that the users could interact amoung themselves and get the info about the stuff they want to know.

Since, many games like splatoon etc have dropped their idea of chat app, since it affected their app in a negative way due to unwanted trash, noise etc. Hence, Razer is taking less risk so that they may get a review before investing a huge amount.

A web version of RazerGo is coming online today at 10PM ET. And if you are living in San Francisco then you will be glad to know that they are hosting “poke crawls ” which will tell the locations of Pokemon on the ways. So, lets see that if this app could also make a space amoung the players as that Pokemon Go had made!

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