Warning comes when your charging port gets wet; New feature on iOS 10

Companies like Samsung, Sony etc provide you water resistant feature i.e. your gadget will be safe from the liquids, if it is exposed to it. But, there is no warning message shown into their gadgets if liquid is being harming your device in any of the way. Hence apple in its new operating system 10 has added a new feature of warn for your iPhones. If liquid has strucked on your mobile and it is reaching into the lightning port area then a message will pop up on your mobile screen “Disconnect lightning accessory” , then you may remove your accessory and dry out your iPhone before it gets damaged.

So far, this incredible feature is only working in the new iPhones like 6s, 6s Plus, and SE. With this feature added apple has also covered a route where many gadget giants are yet to travel. This feature may also be helpful to the company as well as the customers, since customers may rescue their well paid iPhones’  while company must spend less time and money on these type of problems.

Now, this added feature in the new apple devices may result a boon for all the new iPhone users.

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