10 Popular Facts About WhatsApp Messenger

4. Custom notifications for any contact or group

Right now, pretty much every message you get on WhatsApp probably sends the same notification, right? So the only way of knowing if it’s something important is to check your phone every time a message comes. But there’s a better way of doing things. You can set up custom message sounds, ringtones, vibrating patterns and pop-ups for your WhatsApp contacts and groups, depending on what device you’re using. iOS is the more restrictive one, allowing for only sounds and ringtones. On Android, you can do all four – even going so far as to choose any sound file for calls, picking between short or long vibrations, and so on. This means that you can have different notifications for your work groups, your friends, and your family.

3. Text formatting – bold, italics and strike-through

Since March, WhatsApp for Android and iOS has supported basic text formatting as well in quite simple fashion, by enclosing your message in asterisks for bold, underscores for italics, and tildes for strikethrough. You can also combine any of the three for a multi-formatted experience.

WhatsApp Text Formatting
2. WhatsApp doesn’t store user data

The reason WhatsApp Web needs your phone and its corresponding data services to work is because the company doesn’t provide server storage for your messages, unlike Facebook Messenger or Skype. All the server maintains is a queue of your undelivered messages. Once a message gets delivered to your device, there’s nothing left back on the servers. You can of course backup and restore your messages via Google Drive or iCloud.

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